Cost includes royalty to the breeder (High Plains Crop Production).  A stewardship agreement will need to be signed, confirming that these plants are for single use & will not be duplicated.

Qualities: An early season variety, CBD Haze has one of the best aromas that High Plains has to offer, with a strong citrusy and pine scent.  It has a high CBD to THC ratio, with a strong yield and beautiful bud structure, CBD Haze can perform well in either indoor or outdoor growing climates, and is a great candidate for a smokable flower.  CBD Haze’s large colas make for some beautiful buds at harvest.

Target Planting outside, in Virginia: Early- to Late-June

Target Harvest, in Virginia: Mid-September

Suggested Spacing: Tight (4-5’ centers)

Suggested Quantity/acre: 2,200

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