Cost includes royalty to the breeder (High Plains Crop Production).  A stewardship agreement will need to be signed, confirming that these plants are for single use & will not be duplicated.

Qualities: Late Sue is one of High Plains flagship varieties.  While not the highest producer of CBD, Late Sue produces by far the largest yield (up to 3,500 pounds per acre) of any of the High Plains varieties, making up for CBD loss in quantity of production.  Fewer plants required per acre means lower overall planting costs as well.  Late Sue is extremely hardy and disease resistant.  Its late season growing cycle also makes it particularly resistant to becoming pollinated as compared to the more common early season varieties.  Late Sue holds up well to the heat, wet, and cold.  Because of its late harvesting cycle, a crop of Late Sue can re-use the same drying facilities as one of our early season crops, effectively doubling drying space.

Target Planting outside, in Virginia: July

Target Harvest, in Virginia: Mid-November

Suggested Spacing: Very Wide (6’-7’ centers)

Suggested Quantity/acre: 1,200-1,800 depending on planting time

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